Yahkamah Maternal Help

Welcome to the Yah Karmah Maternal help Foundation: Because we care-Be the reason someone smiles today.

Our Core Vision

Helping each other: makes world better

Yahkamah Maternal Help is a compassionate charity organization committed to ensuring the well-being of expectant mothers and infants.

Our mission encompasses vital aspects of maternal and child health, offering crucial medical treatments, educational support for mothers, and access to nutritious food. By organizing community events, we foster a sense of togetherness and shared responsibility for maternal welfare.

Our recurring Event


Empowering communities through education and nourishment, we break the cycle of poverty by promoting learning and healthy nutrition.

Charity For All

Committed to making a difference globally, our charity extends its reach to various causes, spreading compassion and support for all.

Medical Treatment

Providing crucial medical care to those in need, our charity ensures access to life-saving treatments for vulnerable individuals and life longetivity

Our Goal


Yahkamah Maternal Help extends its charitable initiatives beyond maternity, embracing diverse causes to make a positive impact on the broader community, embodying the values of compassion and inclusivity.

Join other helping hands who makes our world happy.

Join your hand with us for a better life and future

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